Involving patients and the public

photo of patients and public in a meeting

How we work with patients and the public

For patients and the public to be at the heart of everything the NHS does in North West London, it is important to involve them in the way services are planned and delivered and give them a strong voice.

As well as working with local Healthwatch organisations, we also have our own Lay Partner Forum which is made up of around 150 local people who want to take an active, and regular, part in shaping local plans.

Each project we run then has lay partners - or patient representatives - who sit on the project working group as an equal partner. Lay partners also sit on all our boards to ensure the patient voice is heard throughout the planning and decision making process.

Meetings of these groups vary, but are generally once a month and take up roughly 2-3 hours. Those attending will be asked to give their views, as non-NHS employees, on how they think local plans for new or different services might best meet their expectations as patients potentially using those services, or how they might be improved from a patient or public point of view.

If you think you would like to be part of such a group, and help the NHS ensure its local services are designed both with and for local people, find out more here.

We also run an on-going programme of community engagement, going out to a wide range of groups across North West London to speak to members of the public. We might be getting feedback on some emerging plans, testing some public information material, listening to general comments about what improvements people would like to see or explaining a new or changing service in their area.

If you would like us to come and speak to your group - whether it's a faith group, health-based group, sports club or even a book club, please get in touch.