Draft response to The NHS Long Term Plan

In NW London our health and care partnership is a collaboration of over 30 organisations, including the NHS, local authorities, voluntary sector and Healthwatch. Bringing eight boroughs together, serving a population of 2.4million, makes us the largest health and care partnership in the country.

We have been working together to consider what the requirements set out in the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) mean for our residents, staff and health and care partner organisations across NW London. We have a collective commitment to deliver changes that will improve the health and wellbeing of residents, and have listened to what residents told us is important to them.

Our draft plan 

In this section you can find the current working drafts of the NW London plan as it has been developing.

Draft  - November 2019 -  DRAFT Five year strategic plan overview document 
Draft  - September 2019 here - DRAFT strategic Delivery Plan for the NHS Long Term Plan

Engagement and developing our plan

Locally we have spoken to more than 1750 people over the last four months to help form this draft plan.

NW London Healthwatches held 18 events and spoke with 257 local people, ensuring that local issues, concerns and understanding of what is working well has been captured in our plans for improving health and care services over the next five years. Their full report can be read here.

Engagement teams across the NW London health and care partnership have also spoken to residents at community events, in shopping centres, A&E, outpatient departments, GP centres and public focus groups. Over 500 people provided written feedback. The full report from this engagement can be read here

Working across NW London

In order to deliver the ambitions set out in the Long Term Plan we have seven interconnected areas, which we have embedded across our health and care partnership focusing on:

  • Healthy communities and prevention
  • Maternity, children and young people
  • Primary, social and community care
  • Urgent and emergency care
  • Mental health, including learning disabilities and autism
  • Cancer care
  • Hospital and specialist care

Through these draft plans you will find more detail and outcomes from these work areas and their plans for the future to deliver the ambitions set out in the Long Term Plan.