Investment and support for GPs and their teams (delivering the national GP Forward View)

Increase investment and support for GPs and their teams to provide more access, proactive and coordinated care for their local communities.

What we have achieved so far:

  • GP appointments now available from 8am to 8pm seven days a week
  • an additional 21,000 appointments were available across NW London, by October 2017 (including appointments everyday over the Christmas holidays)
  • new guidance for GPs and pharmacists launched to reduce prescriptions for medicines that can be bought over the counter, and avoid unnecessary repeat prescriptions.

We will continue to:

  • support the use of online and other ways of speaking to a GP and their team so people have more access to the right support at the right time
  • recruit and retain GPs and a skilled workforce to support local communities
  • encourage GPs to work together in networks or larger premises so they have more cover, can share expertise  and offer a wider range of services, including pharmacists.

It is better for people because:

  • individuals and carers will get faster access to a GP or their team, more hours a day
  • people will have more convenient ways to see or speak with a GP and their team
  • people with one or more complex illnesses will benefit from more join-up between their GP, social care and hospitals.

It is better for the health and care system because:

  • expertise and resources will be used more effectively
  • GPs will have more time to spend with patients who need it the most
  • fewer people will need to visit hospital for urgent care.

Key facts:

  • timely access to a GP is usually the top public concern when asked about the NHS
  • GP practices in NW London  now offer extended opening weekday hours (8am-8pm) and weekend access to over a million people
  • NW London has over 400 GP practices, but many of them are run by single GPs.

Expected outcomes:

  • fewer people having to visit A&E to get help, advice and care
  • people get proactive support to prevent, stop or slow illness
  • increased staff satisfaction.