Change Academy

North West London has a health and social care partnership with over 30 organisations, set up to improve the physical and mental health of all residents and meet the quality, demand and financial challenges we face.

The Change Academy is an innovative range of staff development programmes designed to support and develop skills, to address the challenges in our health and care systems. It has resulted from an exciting collaboration between NW London Collaboration of CCGs, Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP) and Health Education England North London (HEENL). The  collaboration of CCGs have concentrated on the transformation agenda, while ICHP have a particular focus on innovation and HEENL have provided significant amount of the funding for the programmes.

These programmes provide teams and individuals with skills to embrace change, work collaboratively and deliver new innovative, high quality services for NW London’s residents.

The Change Academy supports new ways of working across organisational boundaries and has already generated projects with its partners in the health, care and voluntary sectors as well as the police and local government in order to create change.

The Change Academy complements and expands upon a range of national and regional quality improvement programmes that are also on offer for health and care professionals looking to effect change within their service.   

Everyone who works in health and care in NW London and their voluntary sector partners. This includes clinical staff, managers, social care, users and the unpaid workforce (carers).

Teams that are recruited to the programme are encouraged to be multidisciplinary and include residents and service users, who are critical partners in helping to define value, shape the thinking and together develop sustainable solutions.

There is a broad range of programmes available; some focus on fostering innovation (ICHP) whilst others are more transformation focused (NW London Collaboration of CCGs).
On-going flagship programmes include:

  • High performing care programme supports multidisciplinary teams (health, local authority and citizen representation) to deliver local transformational projects. Each team has access to change acceleration process training, coproduction support, team based coaching, action learning sets and webinars, led by their dedicated change coach. 
  • Leading transformation programme supports the sponsors of the teams to drive their projects forward – sponsors will access coaching and action learning sets to facilitate peer learning.
  • Delivering outcomes-based care and integration programme supports health and social care teams on their accountable care trajectory. Health and social care commissioners will develop the skillsets to effectively commission for value and outcomes in the context of emerging accountable care partnerships. 
  • Change coach development programme provides training for change coaches to help them support their teams to overcome the challenges of delivering change within NW London. 
  • Change coach supervision and action learning set programme provides support and supervision for change coaches to be effective in their role. This will also provide a form of quality assurance of the change coaches.
  • Intrapreneur programme for primary care is a programme run by ICHP with their innovation partners. This focuses on bringing innovative tools and breakthrough thinking to the challenges in primary care. The detail of this programme is currently out for consultation with staff in primary care to help co-design the final specification. 

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