North West London Radiographer Career Framework

radiographer with patient

The NHS across North West London is committed to improving patient care. We want to ensure that patients have faster access to diagnostic tests and receive test results within 24 hours. In order to achieve this we are investing in our radiography workforce.

With the support of The Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) and engagement with Health Education England (HEE) North West London, the NHS in North West London have built a competency based career framework that promotes learning opportunities and a clear career pathway for our radiographers.

The new framework presents opportunities for our radiography workforce to shape and influence their training, take control of how their career develops, and ensures greater consistency in skills and roles across trusts in North West London.

Nationally there is a shortage of radiographers and sonographers. In North West London there is a high vacancy rate for radiographers, sonographers and radiology nurses as well as challenges in retaining the current workforce. The number of students entering radiography courses has also declined. This is at a time when the demand for diagnostic testing is increasing.

To address this, NHS trusts across North West London are working together to meet gaps in the workforce.

We asked staff from radiology departments across North West London what would help to retain our current radiographers and increase recruitment into the profession. They told us that there is a lack of career development and progression opportunities and that having a clear career pathway would be welcomed.

To respond to the feedback from our workforce, we have designed a competency based career framework that outlines clear career options and the skills and behaviours required to progress along preferred career paths. Working closely with HEE North West London we are also investing in training and development opportunities for radiographers and sonographers.

The purpose of the Radiographer Career Framework is to:
• Help staff understand the potential career pathways and opportunities available
• support staff training and development
• help shape new roles in radiography.

How we developed the framework:
• A focus group with patients
• a patient survey
• focus groups with radiography staff
• 1:1 interviews with radiology service managers
• online survey with radiography staff
• consultation with the SCoR
• research into career frameworks for other professions, e.g. nursing, physiotherapy
• review of job descriptions and NHS national profiles. 
If you would like to work with us, why not search the current vacancies in each of our North West London hospitals. 
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