Booklet: North West London Radiographer Career Framework

Booklet: North West London Radiographer Career Framework

Download a PDF of the North West London Radiographer Career Framework

The framework details the core skills for all radiographer roles, potential career pathways, how the framework should be used by radiographers and how managers can support their direct reports.

All of our hospitals have signed up to the framework, so you can be sure that wherever you work in North West London, your skills, experience and training will help get you to the next stage in your chosen career. 

It's not just career support you will benefit from, North West London is one of the most vibrant, multicultural and diverse areas of London.

We have:

  • Over two million residents
  • eight local boroughs
  • four major acute hospitals
  • five world renowned specialist hospitals for treatment of cancer, heart, lung and bowel disease
  • fourteen hospitals that specialise in clinical research

Whichever hospital you choose you will be working in a fast paced, innovative and exciting environment dealing with complex and specialist cases at every turn.

Our new Radiographer Career Framework will support you to design your own training and take control of how your career progresses. 

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