The vision for better care

Over 30 NHS organisations and local authorities have agreed a plan for health and social care across North West London.

Update February 2018

A lot of work has already taken place to archive our goals for health and social care in NW London.

Read our update here 


Having the NHS and local authorities working together as a single health and care system will help cut delays, confusion and frustration. It also means we can free up more time and money to keep you well.

It will put us ahead in  preventing, managing and treating illness, and makes the most of new technology and medicines.

We will invest more in preventing illness, in more GPs, into more care you can get in or near your home. Basically, we want to try and keep you out of hospital if we can. If you do need hospital treatment, we must make sure you see the right experts at the right time, and get you home safe and well, as quickly as possible.

Having agreed the plan, our partnership is now delivering the health and care improvements needed in NW London.

Our partnership is focusing on five areas to make the biggest and quickest positive impact on our residents’ health.

These areas are:

  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • better care for people with long-term conditions
  • better care for older people
  • improving mental health services
  • safe, high quality and sustainable hospital services.

You can read more about these five areas in the rest of this guide.

NHS and council colleagues are joining-up efforts to prevent illness, to improve care for diabetics and people with mental health needs. Teams are working hard to provide services in more convenient locations in local communities, and give older people a better experience. Other staff are also helping to recruit and retain the professionals we need, to use our resources more effectively, and modernise our IT systems.

These improvements will sometimes change how you currently use services. Some will make it easier for you to get care more quickly and more conveniently. Other changes are needed so our staff can work better together.

As always, rigorous checks will take place before and after any new service starts, or we move or change an existing service. More information is available here.

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