Information for Care Professionals


Information sharing is a key enabler to integrated health and social care. Below are a set of documents created to enable partner organisations to share the care data in North West London:

NWL Digital Statement of Data Sharing (SDS) - July 2019

WSIC ISS - July 2019

WSIC Mandated Data Processing Agreement - July 2019

DPIA for WSIC - May 2019

LLMC NWL Digital ISA Statement

Summary of Caldicott 3 Review by North West London Digital IG Governance Group

Patient's Right to Share:
If your patients do not wish for their information to be shared via the Whole Systems Integrated Care tools, they can complete the form  below to opt out of information sharing and return it to their GP.

Form: Patients refusal for creation of electronic record 15 June 2016 PDF

Form: Patients refusal for creation of electronic record 15 June 2016 WORD

Patient Communication Materials
These materials are intended to give you the confidence to share and access information safely and securely and to help you answer questions from patients and service users.

Materials for display in GP Practices and other healthcare provider locations can be found here 

If you would like any information or publications we offer in your language, please contact

Data Processing

To see Data Processing Agreements and Data Specifications, click here: 

Data Processing Agreements: 

Date Processing Agreement, South East CSU

Brent PKB Data Processing Agreement 18 May 2016

Data Processing Agreement, Concentra

Data Processing Agreement, Apollo Medical


Data Specifications: 

WSIC Dashboards Data Specification V 11

Sensitive Codes (Version 3, 11th September 2017)


COVID-19 information: 

COVID-19 NWL Personal Data Access Request Form​


Care Professional users with access to the WSIC Dashboards can access the tools by clicking on this link 

If you are having issues with logging in to the WSIC Dashboards, please contact the NWL Service Desk at​ or 0203 350 4050




The WSIC Dashboards Team issue regular newsletters to Care Professional users with information on the WSIC Dashboards, new enhancements and developments, known issues, tips and hints for users.  

September 2016: WSIC Dashboard Deployment Newsletter

November 2016: WSIC Dashboard Deployment Newsletter

February 2017: WSIC Dashboard Deployment Newsletter

April 2017: WSIC Dashboard Deployment Newsletter

October 2017: WSIC Dashboard Deployment Newsletter

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February 2018 WSIC Dashboard Deployment Newsletter

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January 2019 WSIC Dashboards Deployment Newsletter

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