How can we convene for co-designing outcomes? Section 2

How can we convene for co-designing outcomes?

As part of designing their new systems of integrated care, commissioners will need to work with providers to set the outcomes that they measure. Part of this will be co-designing the process of setting outcomes with the people who use services, their carers and professionals in the system. By guaranteeing that everyone has a seat at the table to co-design outcomes measures, commissioners and providers will ensure that the outcomes and metrics they measure are accurate reflections of the improvements in care that they want to achieve.

Commissioners and providers will need to convene a group of relevant partners to co-design the outcomes measures. They will need to ensure that there are service users and carers represented on this group. They will then need to create a plan for holding several working sessions to choose the outcomes that they want to measure and the metrics that they will use to measure them.

Providers will need to respond to these outcome goals with the specific plan and metrics that they will use to measure them across their provider networks. These should include measures for all five of the outcomes domains that are presented in the next section, and should be specific enough for regular monitoring.


  • How can you get all the relevant partners in the same room to start discussing outcomes?