Getting patients ‘Home first’ in North West London

New work is taking place in North West London to ensure that our patients return home from hospital as soon as medically fit, with the right support in place.

To ensure patients receive the best care possible, North West London clinicians, social care providers and local voluntary organisations are piloting a new approach to the hospital discharge process.

During the pilot elderly patients will have their health and social care needs fully assessed at home rather than while they are still in hospital, with additional support in place if required.

This new way of working called ‘Home first’ is being piloted in North West London hospitals over summer 2017. The pilot aims to reduce length of stay for elderly hospital inpatients and reduce their risk of requiring residential care. 

On average, patients who are medically fit to leave hospital could be back home three days earlier. Home first will benefit patients as getting them home faster reduces the possibility of catching infections and getting pressure ulcers. Getting patients home as soon as they are well enough also aids recovery and the likelihood of going back into hospital.

Similar schemes elsewhere in the country are already operating with great success, leading to speedier recovery times for patients and greater levels of satisfaction.

Home first challenges our old way of doing things. We are extremely happy that NHS and local council staff are on board to help us ensure that patients and their carers have an overall better recovery and experience. Stay posted for updates.