World Diabetes Day 2018 – improving diabetes education in North West London

Health and social care staff in North West London are improving their skills and knowledge about diabetes.

There are currently more than 150,000 people living with diabetes in North West London. Of these, there are approximately 25,000 people living with poorly controlled diabetes which can lead to serious life-threatening and life-changing complications.

Educating the staff who are caring for these patients is really important, so that people with diabetes are better supported whilst using our services. This has shown to have a substantial effect on improving experience of people with diabetes whilst using  services in hospitals, care homes, homeless hostels etc.

To help do this we are offering training to health and social care professionals that provides practical knowledge and resources and leaves them feeling more confident in being able to support and manage people living with diabetes in our local area.

One example of training that is helping to improve diabetes care in North West London is the PITstop training for Healthcare professionals. We invited those who plan diabetes services in the local area to observe this training.

Angela Caulder, has been a diabetes commissioning manager in Hammersmith and Fulham since February 2018. She has no clinical experience in diabetes and recently decided that it was time to learn more about the condition that she is planning and buying services for. 

Angela said: “This is the first time I can really say that I understand the basics about diabetes, I left feeling confident that I could undertake a foot check with the right equipment. It feels important that I have attended, because I now understand exactly what we are asking GP’s and other healthcare professionals to do. I also have a better understanding of  the diabetes language and clinical terms: what a hypo is, the differences between Type 1 and 2 diabetes, and at long last I understand what HbA1C (blood sugar) actually is! All in all an excellent day’s learning.”

The North West London Diabetes Transformation Programme is working to increase early detection of diabetes, improve quality of care and clinical outcomes and improve patient experience across all diabetes services within North West London.

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