This Christmas you are invited to…do three wise things!

Keep your night merry and bright!

This festive period we want Londoners to have a good time, eat drink and be merry but to stay safe and not ruin their night by ending up ill. We want them to think of three wise things: Eat, Pace, Plan. If it is your office party tonight remember to plan your journey home in advance, check the train or bus times and only use licenced taxis. Don’t just think about how to get there; think about how you will get home.

Alcohol-related calls typically rise by about 50% on festive party nights so we want Londoners to have a good time, eat, drink and be merry but avoid calling an ambulance and a trip to A&E. Look after your friends and colleagues this year and stick to safer drinking levels. Put some extra thought and plans in place for a safer more enjoyable night out. Have a safe and merry Christmas!