MyCOPD - Meet Sheila

MyCOPD is an NHS approved online programme that supports patients living with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) to better self-manage their condition.

The programme includes a range of functions which support patients to perfect their inhaler technique, improve their breathing, reduce exacerbations, track medication and more.

COPD patients living in North West London can access the online programme and the app for free. Just talk to your doctor, nurse or health professional and ask them to sign you up.  

Meet Sheila…

Sheila is a 63 years old and lives in North West London, she has had COPD for about six years. Here she tells us about her experience using myCOPD and how it can help others.

Tell me a bit about you?

I started to get sick about six years ago. I had always been a fast walker and was used to getting around quite easily until my breathing started to become a struggle even when just going up and down the stairs.

I kept getting chest infections and had to make frequent visits to my GP. This went on for quite a while until my doctor finally suggested I take a spirometry test for which I tested positive for COPD.


What led you to download myCOPD?

I was looking for apps and programmes that might help me with my breathing when I came across the myCOPD health app. I thought it sounded really good so got it.

How have you made use of myCOPD?

I tend to use it mainly when I am unwell and need extra support that my GP cannot provide. COPD can be a scary illness, feeling like you cannot breathe is terrifying but going on the app and looking at the videos is reassuring. Often, when I start to panic it makes trying to breathe that much harder, I find the breathing videos a huge help.

How has myCOPD helped you to manage your condition?

There have been times when I’ve been really sick, panicked and taken my inhaler incorrectly, taking in too much of the medication. Using myCOPD has helped me to ensure I take my medication properly. I find it useful to login to the programme so that no mistakes happen.

What have been the benefits of using the app?

The main benefit for me has been the help and support provided when I have an exacerbation. I have also learnt more about COPD itself and the things that can make it worse such as the weather and pollution. These are the small things that are really useful to know but a health professional may not necessarily have time to go through with you. You need this sort of information to ensure you can manage the condition yourself.


How do you feel now?

Thankfully I’m feeling good at the moment. I’m just dreading a bad winter as the cold often makes my condition worse.

Would you recommend myCOPD to other people living with COPD?

Yes, absolutely it has been a huge help!

Any other comments or highlights?

Having lots of information is what helps you to manage COPD. MyCOPD makes all the information that you need to know really clear and easy to understand.