OneLondon - join the conversation about health and care information

Join the conversation about how your health and care data should be used

A public-facing campaign website to support OneLondon’s Conversation with Londoners about how health and care data should be used was launched on Friday 24 January. Visit the website at:

The website aims to provide information and resources to support OneLondon’s public engagement programme, which seeks to understand Londoners expectations as to how their health and care information is used.

Health and care data can support a range of benefits: fast, safe, effective care, reduced risk of errors, and better planning of services. Whilst the benefits of joining up this information may be clear to some, we can’t assume that the case has been made more widely or that we have public support.

The OneLondon website has been launched as part of a deliberative engagement programme that seeks to understand exactly what Londoners expect. This includes a Citizens’ Summit which will form a set of recommendations as to how Londoners’ health and care information should be used. These recommendations will help London’s health and care system to develop policy directly informed by the expectations of Londoners.

The OneLondon programme is working across the NHS in London, with the support of London Councils and the Greater London Assembly.