Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from North West London NHS - 23 April 2020

North West London NHS Coronavirus response

During this difficult period, we want to remind you that one of the most important things you can do to help the NHS is to continue to use our services when you need them.

A lot of people may worry that they shouldn’t burden the NHS with matters that are not related to Covid-19. But our message is that you should seek our help when you think you need it. The NHS has the capacity to support you, so do phone your GP or 111 if you need help, for yourself or family, in a life threatening emergency call 999.


One of the places you can go for help is your local pharmacy. Your experience when you visit may not be what you’re used to but we can all play our part in making a success of this local service. We explain how in this week’s update.


It’s always very important to look after our mental health but especially during these times when we can’t interact with friends and families as we normally would. We link to resources that can support you. Nightingale London has successfully treated and discharged its first patients. You can read our update on the Nightingale below.


Also as Ramadan approaches, we lend our support to the Muslim Council of Britain’s Ramadan at Home campaign.


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Remember for all the latest health advice during the coronavirus outbreak, visit our website.


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