Ealing is London's third largest borough, which is located in the heart of west London. Ealing is a culturally and ethnically diverse borough.

  • London North West Healthcare NHS Trust and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust are the main providers of acute and specialist care.
  • Ealing ICO (part of the London North West Healthcare NHS Trust) provides the majority of community services.

Ealing CCG Annual Report 2016-17

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The chair of Ealing CCG:

Dr Mohini Parmar

Population demographics

  • 342,500*
  • It is estimated that by 2020, Ealing’s population will reach 369,000, which includes a 19.5% rise in the number of people over 65 years of age, and the number of people over 85 is expected to rise by 48%.
  • Ealing is an ethnically diverse borough. Black and minority ethnic (BME) communities, including individuals of mixed ethnicity, made up 46% of the Ealing’s total population in 2012. This compares to approximately 35% of Greater London’s population.

*based on 2013 ONS figures

Health challenges

  • The main causes of death are cardiovascular disease e.g. heart disease and stroke accounting for 31% of all deaths. This is followed by cancers or Neoplasms (30%) and respiratory disease (14%).
  • Diabetes is most prevalent in the south west of the Borough in the networks of South Southall and Southall.
  • Dementia and mental health problems are most prevalent in the central and east of the borough within the networks of Central Ealing, South Central Ealing and Acton.